Our Services


The School consult for individuals, groups, faith- based institutions, corporate establishment in the business of agriculture/farming from the concept stage to establishment and management of the business.


We render advisory services to clients in any diverse areas of agricultural business


We conduct regular scheduled and on –demand training in all areas of agriculture: crops, fisheries, mini-livestock and livestock production, processing and marketing


Agricultural Business Investment Tours

We conduct agricultural study tour across Nigeria, West Africa sub-region, Asia, Europe and the America. The tours is both for theoretical training and exposure to the best practices in modern agriculture for uptake by participants.


Conferences And Agricultural Exhibition

We conduct series of trainings and agricultural exhibition. The training is to exposed the participants to best technologies of agricultural production, processing and marketing business. The exhibition is a practical way of linking the farmers with the inputs producers and the consumers.

Feasibility Studies Development

Feasibility study development is a major requirement for the establishment of any agricultural business. Without it, the business is doomed from the beginning. Our service here is to assist client in the development of standard feasibility report for the purpose of procuring bank facility and also to guide the farm business to a profitable path.


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